Combined MD Programs

Many TUSM students choose to pursue joint degrees, combining a medical education with other fields of study. Knowledge of multiple disciplines qualifies students to fill unique and often influential roles upon graduation. TUSM’s programs include:

  • MD/MBA in Health Management with Brandies University
    This 4-year program allows for a intense, simultaneous study of medicine, business, and health care systems. Student work directly with executives and managers in a hands-on exploration of cutting edge health care.
  • MD/PhD (Medical Scientist Training Program) with TUSM’s Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
    TUSM’s MD/PhD training enables students to bridge the disparate cultures of scientific investigation and clinical practice and seeks to integrate these aspects throughout all seven years of the program.
  • MD/MA in International Affairs with Tufts’ Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
    By combining clinical training with an international diplomacy, language, and business perspective, this 5-year program bridges the fields of international relations and medicine.
  • MD/MPH with TUSM’s Public Health and Professional Degree Programs
    The MPH degree compliments students’ clinical understanding of the individual with a population-based perspective.  This 4-year program’s dual perspective provides students with a breadth of knowledge and understanding that prepares then for leadership roles in the health care system.
* Due to scheduling conflicts, students in the Maine Track are not eligible to apply to the MD/MBA or MD/PhD programs.