Director's Message

Paul Beninger, MD, MBA

I have taken a somewhat less conventional career path:  beginning with FDA and the pharmaceutical industry, then to teaching at Tufts and now to serving as the director of this most extraordinary program. 

I had thought that an MBA would give me tools that would help me navigate at the interface of business and medicine. But that’s not what happened. Rather, I learned how business knowledge and skills inform my whole medical perspective and training.

Here are some of the universal truths I have learned along the way that each of you can expect to experience in your own way:

  • You will never stop learning, growing, developing, transforming
  • You will learn to recognize opportunity; it is all around
  • You will appreciate that you are never alone; you are encircled by family, friends, colleagues
  • You will understand that you never achieve alone; you build on the accomplishments of others and with the help of others
  • You will experience ill and good fortune through no effort of your own
  • You will feel in your very bones how messy life really is: amid joy and success, there will be tragedy and sadness; you will discover wonder and you bring your own meaning of happiness to your own lives in your own way

With this program, you will bring together an incomparable medical education and outstanding business training in four incredibly short years.  And doors will open for you, beginning with internships, residencies and fellowships, on your way to exciting careers.  In this way, your will help shape the future of medicine.

Paul Beninger, MD, MBA
Director, MD/MBA Program