Director's Message

Paul Beninger, MD, MBA

I have taken a somewhat less conventional career path by way of FDA and the pharmaceutical industry to teaching at Tufts and now to becoming the director of this most extraordinary program.

I had thought that an MBA would give me tools that would interface at the borders of medicine. But that’s not what happened. Rather, I learned how business knowledge and skills inform my medical perspective and training.

Here are some of the universal truths I have learned along the way that each of you can expect to experience in your own way:

  • You will never stop learning, growing, developing, transforming
  • You will learn to recognize opportunity; it is all around
  • You will appreciate that you are never alone; you are encircled by family, friends, colleagues
  • You will understand that you never achieve alone; you build on the accomplishments of others and with the help of others
  • You will experience ill and good fortune through no effort of your own
  • You will feel in your very bones how messy life really is: amid joy and success, there will be tragedy and sadness; you will discover wonder and you bring your own meaning of happiness to your own lives in your own way

Paul Beninger, MD, MBA
Director, MD/MBA Program