Team Projects & Publications

Title: Physician Leadership Education
Location/Client: Tufts Medical Center, Dr. Deeb Salem (Chair Dept of Medicine) and Dr. Linden Hu
Team: David Lucier (MD/MBA 2011), Nicholas Frisch (MD/MBA 2011)
Description: Tufts became interested in creating a formal training and education program for their future MD Leaders within the organization.The students were approached to help benchmark existing academic medical center MD Leadership training programs, and propose a curriculum and teaching structure to effectively deliver relevant education They are currently engaged in the implementation and deployment of the program.

Title: Total Joint Replacement Utilization Analysis 
Location/Client:Tufts Health Plan, Watertown MA, Dr. Qi Zhou MD/MBA (ex-Director of Quality Management)
Team: Nicholas Frisch (MD/MBA 2011), David Lucier (MD/MBA 2011), David Cho (MD/MBA 2011), Christine Lam (MD/MBA 2011)
Description: Tufts Health Plan was interested in analyzing the trend in total hip and total knee arthroplasty procedures and developing a medical claims policy.Students reviewed current literature, competitor positions, claims data and provider perspectives on total joint replacements.They then forecasted future growth of total joint replacements, and suggested potential medical policy and cost-effective management strategies regarding total joint replacement utilization.Their work is currently being used in Tufts Health Plan's total joint policy.

Title: Dashboard Development for Financial Result Interpretation
Location/Client: Tufts Medical Center Department of Medicine and Operations
Team: A.Peter Evangelista (MD/MBA 2011)
Description: Worked with Craig Williams, Senior Vice President of the Department of Medicine and Operations at Tufts Medical Center, in developing a "dashboard" of key financial information to be used by department Chiefs and other staff to quickly interpret financial results.

Title: Market Analysis for International Medicine 
Location/Client: Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Team: Roger Wu (MD/MBA 2012), Sohrab Virk (MD/MBA 2012), David Harrison (MD/MBA 2012), Cyril Chen (MD/MBA 2012), Jessica Knox (MD/MBA 2012)
Description: Analyzed the market for International Medicine and its impact on various stakeholders at the hospital.Presented recommendations to the CEO, President, and Executive Board.

Title: Coordinated Clinical and Financial Analysis as a Powerful Tool to Influence Vendor Pricing
Location/Client: Cambridge Health Alliance, Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg,Chief of Surgery
Team: Catherine Logan (MD/MBA 2012) & Roger Wu (MD/MBA 2012)
Description: The purpose was to determine whether a simple, coordinated clinical and financial analysis of Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR) is sufficient to impact vendor pricing.A literature review revealed some short-term benefit to ECTR, but too little difference in long-term outcomes to justify an incremental loss of $91.49 in revenue/case. Sharing this analysis with the vendor resulted in a 30% price reduction.A revised cost analysis demonstrated a $53.51 incremental gain in revenue/case.

Title: Do You Really Know How Compliant You Are With the Universal Protocol?
Location/Client: Tufts Medical Center, David Fairchild, MD (CMO), & William Mackey, MD (Surgeon-in-Chief)
Team: Catherine Logan (MD/MBA 2012), Roger Wu (MD/MBA 2012), Cyril Chen (MD/MBA 2012), Aaron Edelstein (MD/MBA 2012), & Sumeet Jain (MD/MBA 2012) and Adam Janicki (MD 2012), Neal Biddick (MD 2012), and Elizabeth Au (MD 2012)
Description: 8 medical students performed clandestine direct observation audit of Universal Protocol compliance in the Tufts Medical Center operating rooms.Students observed 98 cases during period of April to August 2009.After the observations, students made recommendations to administrators that were ultimately implemented including a redesign of OR paperwork, a plan for routine audits and staff feedback, and an OR white board template.Students were also tasked with developing technological solutions, and one concept is currently in development.

Title: Clinical Feasibility Analysis of a New Surgical Product
Location/Client: Siemens Venture Capital, Boston, MA 
Team: Roger Wu (MD/MBA 2012), Sohrab Virk (MD/MBA 2012), David Harrison (MD/MBA 2012), Eric MacEvoy (MD/MBA 2012)
Description: The team interviewed orthopedic surgeons to gauge the clinical feasibility of a new, computer-assisted surgical navigation system.In addition, the students evaluated the potential profitability of the new technology in US markets.The project resulted in a decision to forgo $3 million investment and a set of recommendations for CEO of the evaluated company.

Title: Cost of Inpatient Laboratory Testing:Physician Awareness of the Economics of a Patient Stay
Location/Client: Dr. John Unterborn, Department of Medicine, Caritas-St. Elizabeth's Medical Center
Team: Robby Tanouye (MD/MBA 2011), Anna Zampini (MD/MBA 2013), Anish Agarwal (MD/MPH 2011)
Description: Evaluating the effect of a low-cost intervention - educating medical residents about laboratory costs and the economics of inpatient stays - on resident physicians' lab ordering behavior.

Title: Development of Healthy Policy and Research Reports
Location/Client: Massachusetts Medical Society
Team member: John Biebelhausen (MD/MBA 2011)
Description: Mr.Biebelhausen has worked in collaboration with Amy Lischko, Associate Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, on a series of health policy and research reports as a contracted health care consultant for the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS), publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine.The reports provide background research and analysis on a number of current health care topics including health care expenditures, major health care cost drivers and health plan financial data reporting.

Title: Market Assessment for Medical Device Start-up
Locaiton/Client: Reflectance Medical,Inc.Boston, MA 
Team: Abe Malkin (MD/MBA 2013), Anna Zampini (MD/MBA 2013), Neal Kumar (MD/MBA 2013), Anand Gopalsami (MD/MBA 2013), Arjun Kanuri (MD 2014), Loni Rogers (MD 2014), Harshal Medhi (MD 2014)
Description: The team researched and outlined potential clinical indications for a proprietary non-invasive physiologic sensor.In addition, students performed a thorough market assessment to identify adoption and implementation strategy.

Title: The Prospects of Physician Shared Medical Appointments
Location/Client: Cambridge Health Alliance, Dr David Osler
Team: Christopher Belyea (MD/MBA 2014)
Description: A consulting study was undertaken to assess the current status offerings and future readiness of physician conducted shared medical appointments (SMAs) at Cambridge Health Alliance's ambulatory service departments.This study involved interviewing physicians and nurses across the various CHA departments with either current or previous experience with physician-led group appointments.After 71-person survey was conducted of providers, a care model was then developed and presented for implementation.


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