Extramural Faculty Development Venues

University Conference on Teaching and Learning
Sponsored by Academic Technology and the University Committee on Teaching and Faculty Development (UCTFD), this university-wide conference features interactive teaching and technical skills workshops developed around current issues that are of importance to Tufts faculty. Topics addressed at previous conferences were “Learning Assessment Challenges and Solutions” and “Overcoming Barriers to Student Success”. 

Summer Institute for Teaching and Learning with Technology
During this week-long institute sponsored by Academic Technology, faculty participate in seminars, discussions and hands-on technology workshops to learn and explore effective methods for integrating technology into their teaching, to develop assessment measures to evaluate the use of these technologies in the classroom, and to share and model pedagogically effective uses of technology with their colleagues. Academic Technology staff provide assistance with instructional design decisions, media and technology choices, and course material transformation. 

CELT Faculty Fellows Seminar
The Faculty Fellows Seminar gives a small group of faculty across the university release time to develop their teaching excellence. Successful applicants will receive individualized and small-group tutelage in how to improve their teaching, and in particular, how best to address the needs of students with diverse learning styles. The seminar is designed for professors who are already successful in their teaching, but who wish to reach the next level in terms of teaching effectiveness. TUSM CELT fellows include Ralph Aarons, MD, PhD, Laurie Demmer, MD, Scott Gilbert, MD, Susan Hadley, MD, Joseph Rencic, MD, and David Ricklan, MD, PhD. 

Harvard Macy Education in the Health Professions Program
The goal of this program is to enhance the professional development of educators in the health professions. The program is offered once a year and consists of two full-week sessions held in Boston (January and May). Applications are due in September. The OEA will sponsor one faculty member to attend the program on a yearly basis. TUSM Macy fellows include John Unterborn, MD, Robert Kalish, MD, Jesse Rideout, MD, Priya Garg, MD and Joseph Rencic, MD. Faculty who are interested in participating in the program must submit an application to the OEA. For more information contact ann.maderer@tufts.edu, 617-636-2191.

For more information contact Nicole Love , 617-636-0891.