Distinguished Faculty Award

In 1991, the Faculty Affairs Committee (now known as the Committee on Committees) moved, and the Executive Council approved, the creation of a Distinguished Faculty Award. This award is faculty-initiated, and recognizes our colleagues who have made "outstanding contributions to Tufts University School of Medicine."

The Committee on Committees solicits nominations for each year's awards. Each nomination should include a letter from the nominee’s sponsor and a letter from the nominee's department chairperson, detailing how the nominee fulfills the criteria for the Distinguished Faculty Award.

In addition, the review committee will need a current curriculum vitae of the nominee, as well as an additional letter of support from a faculty member representing another department. Additional letters of support are invited and recommended. The Committee on Committees will evaluate the nominees, and make their recommendations to the Committee of Distinguished Professors, as described in the accompanying motion.

Nominations should be addressed to:

Committee on Committees
Medical Deans Office, Sackler 8
Tufts University School of Medicine
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

The deadline for receipt is Friday, March 30, 2018.

If you have any questions, call the Dean's Office at (617) 636-6565.

Award Criteria

Approved by the Faculty Affairs Committee, April 9, 1991.

A Distinguished Faculty Award is being established to recognize Faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to Tufts University School of Medicine. The criteria for this award are as follows:

The individual Faculty member should have brought distinction to him/herself and to TUSM in several areas, including:

1. Teaching: the principal function of TUSM is to produce students who are sufficiently well-versed in the basic and clinical sciences so that they are in a position to continue their medical education in post-graduate settings of excellence. To achieve this function not only requires the devoted participation of the Faculty, but also necessitates the presence of the gifted teacher who can lead and inspire students to achieve the best that is within themselves. In certain cases, Faculty are recognized by the student body. For the Distinguished Faculty Award, the Faculty will have the opportunity to acknowledge the excellence of leadership and superior teaching that should serve as a standard for the entire Faculty.

2. Scholarship: In addition to teaching, the Institution has an important role to play in the continued growth and development of the numerous fields associated with human biology, ranging from the understanding of the nature of the disease process, how it impacts on the patient and his/her community, and the development of new techniques that will both prevent disease and improve the present-day treatment. This role of the Institution is carried out by Faculty members who have achieved national and international leadership positions in the research on all aspects of human health and disease, and who continue to make important advances in their own fields.

3. Service: Although "service" can sometimes be difficult to assess, the testimonials of colleagues within the Institution and associated outside of the Institution can be evaluated with respect to the role that the Faculty member plays in the academic life of the Institution, in his/her profession, and in the myriad activities with service to patients and associates.

A Committee, comprised of faculty members holding the rank of Distinguished Professor, will utilize these criteria to select from nominees presented to them by the Committee on Committees. These nominees will then be forwarded to the Dean. At an appropriate School-wide activity, the designated Faculty members will receive their awards.