Donor Preregistration


Similar to making prearrangements with a funeral home, donors may preregister with the Anatomical Gifts Program at Tufts University.

Preregistration form pdf

Please refer to the instruction sheet if you have questions about the form.  pdf

Whether or not the decedent is accepted into the program will be contingent on the factors described here.

There are several advantages to preregistration. Among these are:

  • Relieving the stress and pressure on the family
  • Ensuring that your personal intentions are met
  • Reducing and eliminating the financial burden of traditional funeral expenses
  • Feeling comfort in knowing that the decision to donate will impact the medical community for years to come

To request information on becoming a preregistered donor contact:

Sharon Belding  Send an e-mail
Anatomical Gift Program Administrator

You may also contact:

Tufts Anatomical Gift Program Send an e-mail

Anatomical Gift Program

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Our Anatomical Gift Program helps families contribute to medical education.