Arnold 8 Biosafety Laboratory

Tufts University is seeking approval from the Boston Public Health Commission to build a 1,700 square foot biosafety level 3 research laboratory within its School of Medicine’s existing Biomedical Research and Public Health Building at 136 Harrison Avenue. The Arnold 8 Biosafety Laboratory will enable the Tufts University School of Medicine, a world leader in infectious disease research, to develop innovative strategies to detect, prevent and treat many diseases that threaten human health worldwide. The research conducted in this laboratory can lead to new vaccines, antibiotics or other discoveries to prevent or treat infection.

We are committed to working very closely with the local community, including our Chinatown neighbors, and the city of Boston during planning and development of the proposed facility and throughout its operation. We invite you to browse the links on the left for additional information and resources about the planning of the Arnold 8 Biosafety Laboratory.