Core Award Program Instructions


Applications may be submitted at any time. The proposal must be a research project that utilizes CNR core facilities or the Tufts University Core Facility. The budget for proposed research is limited to $5,000 and funds may be used only for core services and related supplies.

Submit proposals as word or pdf files to Rob Jackson


The proposal format must conform to the guidelines described below:
  • Length: a total of 2 pages, including a project summary of 200 words or less and the main body of the proposal with all figures and tables (2 pages max for everything)
  • Type Font: 12 point; type density no more than 15 characters per inch
  • Margins: minimum of 0.5-inch for all margins

Proposal Content

You are encouraged to include figures in addition to text, but figures must be within the 2-page limit. Presentation of data from preliminary studies is not a requirement. However, for the proposal to be competitive, investigators must justify the proposed research plan and the proposed core usage as well as indicating how generation of a particular preliminary dataset will strengthen an application for NIH funding. Only completely novel methods need be briefly described. Please address the following items in the application:
  1. Description: Provide a 150-200-word summary of the proposed research stating the expected CNR core usage.
  2. Background: Provide a brief statement of the ideas and reasoning behind the proposed work. Cite relevant literature references (not part of the two-page limit).
  3. Need for Preliminary Data: Describe how the preliminary data collected using the requested funds will facilitate a new NIH grant application.
  4. Objectives: State concisely the project’s specific aims and research strategy.
  5. Core Usage: State concisely the intended usage of the CNR Core Service or the Tufts Molecular Facility mass spec service.
  6. Budget: Indicate a budget for the proposed work (may exceed $5000 although
    the CNR award is limited to $5000).
  7. References: Cite complete references in one page or less. These are not considered part of the 2-page proposal limit.
  8. Biographical Sketches: Include NIH-style biosketches for participating investigators.