Genomics Fees

The following tables show the fee structure for Tufts academic users. Please email Rob Jackson for information about facility use for non-Tufts investigators and industry personnel. 


 Equipment Use
Standard Academic Rate
 Agilent BioAnalyser Self Use
Quality Analysis of either RNA, DNA, protein or cells
 $42.50/run (chip included); $10 per run (chip not included)
$32.50/chip (reagents and chip only)
 Agilent BioAnalyser Full Service
Quality Analysis of samples done by Genomics Core Manager
 $50/run (chip included)
 Stratagene Mx4000 & Mx3000p Real-Time qPCR
Quantitative PCR in 96-well format
 $1.00/sample (min $15/run; max $50/run)
SYBR green reagent for QPCR
1mL aliquot 
 Mx3000p QPCR supplies  $0.25/cap-strip
 Mx4000 QPCR supplies  $0.25/cap-strip