Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy

We are now offering access to the Perkin-Elmer spinning disk confocal (Ultraview LCI) operated by the Bunnell Laboratory and the Department of Immunology. This system is ideally suited to dynamic studies of proteins and ions in living cells.


This imaging system employs the Yokogawa CSU-10 spinning disk and an ORCA-ER CCD camera, enabling the rapid acquisition of full-field images. The Ultraview LCI system is mounted on a Zeiss 200M inverted microscope, and is equipped with 40x, 63x, and 100x oil-immersion lenses. Rapid changes in Z position can be generated using a piezoelectric motor, enabling the collection of consistent Z-stacks over time. Three lasers provide 5 excitation lines: 442nm (HeCd, 14mW), 488nm (Ar, 35mW), 514nm (Ar, 43mW), 568nm (KrAr, 14mW), and 647nm (KrAr, 14mW). Excitation sources can be rapidly switched and independently attenuated using an acoustico-optical beam splitter (AOBS). However, the laser lines that can be used concurrently are limited by the available beamsplitters:

  • 442 and 514 (CFP, YFP/FITC)
  • 488, 568, and 647 (GFP/FITC, DsRed/mRFP1/TRITC, and various far-red dyes)
  • 442, 514, 568, and 647 (CFP, YFP/FITC, DsRed/mRFP1/TRITC, and various far-red dyes)

Much more detail is provided on the home page for the spinning disk confocal. Here, you will find more detailed system specifications, as well as technical tips, protocols, and sample movies. Additional images are available on the Perkin-Elmer website.

The current fee structure for academic users of the spinning disk confocal is as follows:

  • $60/h for use of the instrument, when assisted by the facility manager.
  • $50/h for trained users, without technical assistance.
  • $150 per session for training sessions.

Please contact Alenka Lovy for information about using this microscope. We are developing a training procedure for this instrument. In the future, approved users will be able to book the microscope directly.

Rob Jackson, PhD
Michele Jacob, PhD

Core Manager
Alenka Lovy, PhD

Stearns 207