Major Services

Services provided by the Facility generally require technical assistance from Facility Staff. However, Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center users can be trained and certified to operate our instruments themselves at reduced ("Unassisted Use") cost.

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Instrument Use*
Unassisted Assisted
PerkinElmer Spectrum CT Biophotonic Imager $90 per hr $125 per hr
VisualSonics Vevo 2100 Ultrasound Imager $90 per hr $125 per hr
Skyscan 1176 CT Scanner $100 per hr $135 per hr
Bruker ICON MRI $100 per hr $135 per hr
Leica MZ-FLIII Stereo Fluorescence Microscope $35 per hr
$70 per hr
Projects* Assisted
Custom Model Development ----- Inquire
Drug Target Identification and Validation ----- Inquire
Drug Testing (Efficacy, Safety, Biodistribution, and/or Pharmacokinetics) -----
Animal Pathology/Histology -----

*an overhead fee will be added for commercial and external academic institutions

Available Models

Other Imagable Cell and Animal Models

Cell and animal models for a wide range of applications are available from Caliper/Xenogen Corporation


Luciferase (50 mg) $100