IVIS Certification


Coworkers of Principal Investigators at Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center are eligible to obtain certification to operate the IVIS 200 themselves without technical assistance. Certified users are charged a reduced fee for use of the instrument and will be able to use the facility during "unassisted use" periods.

Becoming Certified

To become certified, a user must demonstrate proficiency in running the instrument and adhering to facility rules and regulation. Adherence to rules is required to ensure that facility equipment is maintained in good working order and that the facility meets Occupational Health and Safety regulations and all IACUC, AAALAC, Federal and State Regulations regarding animal welfare and use. Strict adherence to the rules of the facility is required for continued certification.


A Google scheduling system is available for certified users to book instrument time in the facility.

Request Assisted Time Send an e-mail

Facility Rules and Regulations

  1. The facility is available for “unassisted use” by certified users from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day (Monday-Friday). Scheduling “unassisted use” time is done through an online scheduling system available to certified users.

  2. Use of equipment is limited to the time that has been scheduled. Users must yield to the next scheduled user when their scheduled time has expired.

  3. Facility users must wear a disposable lab coat and disposable gloves when handling animals in the Facility. Lab coats and gloves must be discarded within the facility before leaving.

  4. When not being imaged, live animals must be kept in cages with filter tops in place on the lab bench. Animals must never be left in the imager or on the bench unattended.

  5. Work areas and equipment must be cleaned and disinfected after use.

  6. Any software that is used must be closed and data must be saved to CD’s or other external storage media. Data should not be stored on facility computers. Data stored on instrument computers is periodically deleted (without notice) by the Facility staff. Any animal remains must be promptly deposited in the DLAM freezer (Stearns 4).

  7. Instrument computers should not be used for data analysis. A workstation with analysis software will be available for use in the Facility or in Dr. Sahagian's laboratory. Alternatively, users may purchase analysis software from the vendor for use on their own Macintosh or PC computers.