PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum CT Biophotonic Imager

ivisThe PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum CT Biophotonic Imager excels at imaging light emitted from small animals such as mice or rats but can also be used to image light emitted from Western blots, culture dishes and 96-well plates. The Spectrum CT can quantitate bioluminescent or chemiluminescent signals produced by luciferases and other reporters, as well as fluorescent signals produced by fluorescent proteins (GFP, RFP, etc.) and other fluorescent molecules. The instrument has the capability of imaging light in 2-D or pseudo 3-D mode and co-localizing light emission with anatomical features by micro-CT imaging.

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mraThe Bruker ICON Magnetic Resonance Imager is a high performance 1T preclinical MRI system capable of a wide range of pulse sequences and applications. The Bruker 1T ICON uses the same Paravision 5.0 software interface as the Bruker 7T Biospec MRI and has access to the same library of pulse sequences. The instrument excels at high contract anatomical imaging with or without use of contrast agents including gadolinium- and iron oxide-based agents.


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SkyScan 1176 In Vivo Micro-CT

skyscanThe SKYSCAN 1176 is a high performance preclinical in vivo micro-CT scanner. Its large format 11 megapixel x-ray camera gives high resolution and image field size at relatively rapid scan speeds. Image field width up to 68 mm allows full body mouse and rat scanning and distal limb scanning for big animals, such as rabbits, at pixel sizes of 9, 18 and 35µm. Variable x-ray applied voltage and filters provide scanning flexibility to allow imaging of a wide range of samples from lung tissue to bone. An integrated physiological monitoring system provides respiratory and cardiac gating for proven thoracic image improvement by synchronized acquisition.

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VisualSonics Vevo 2100 Ultrasound Imager

vevoThe VisualSonics Vevo 770 Imager is a state of the art high frequency ultrasound imaging system designed for real-time imaging of internal soft tissues in mice and other small animals. The system is optimally configured for studies in the areas of cancer, vascular and stem cell biology. Microbubble contrast agents are available to facilitate blood flow and angiogenesis measurements and can be used to selectively deliver drugs to specific sites in the organism. The microinjection system that was purchased with the instrument allows image-guided injection or biopsy for introducing cells or other materials at specific organs sites or for removing tissue for biopsy.

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Leica Stereo Fluorescence Microscope

leicaThe Leica MZ-FLIII Microscope is used for visualizing fluorescent proteins and other fluorescent molecules in mice and other small animals in 3-D. The microscope is equipped with a QImaging cooled CCD Camera with visible and near IR capability. Filters for a wide range of fluorescent proteins and other reporters are available.



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