BD Influx - High performance biosafety level (BSL)-3 cell sorter

Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) is a powerful technique allowing user to isolate / purify subpopulations of fluorescence (FL)-labeled cells from a larger population. The isolation is performed at single cells level at high speed, and thus provides an efficient mean to obtain specific cell population of high purity. Cells use in FACS technology are generally labeled with FL dye conjugated antibody that is specific for lineage marker (e.g. CD4 and CD8 for helper and cytotoxic T lymphocytes, respectively) or with other fluorescence reporters (such as GFP and CFDA-SE). Usually a combination of these antibodies or reporters is used to allow researcher to differentiate and isolate population(s) of interest. The heart of the FACS technology is the instrumentation to put suspended cell into a single stream of very fine single cell droplets at high speed, and based on the FL-label(s) on each cell, putting a charge on each droplet to divert its path by electrostatic force, thus achieves the physical separation.

 BD Influx
Cytopeia Influx in SCIID is a start-of-the-art cell sorter equipped with three excitation lasers and 8 fluorescence channel detectors, thus allowing user to identify cell population(s) using up to eight FL-conjugated antibodies / reporters simultaneously. The Influx can run up to 80,000 cells per second and sort up to 4 populations simultaneously. The high throughput capability also makes Influx an excellent analytical instrument, allowing efficient and reliable identification of extremely rare population. The influx can also sort cells into multi-well plates (up 96 wells) accurately, allowing easy adaptation of sorted cells into downstream high throughput (HTS) or high content (HCS) screen.

Furthermore, the Influx cell sorter is designed to handle bio-hazardous agents, such as pathogens infected / containing samples and human samples. The laminar flow enclosing the sorting machinery prevents air-borne dispersion of the sample containing droplets generated by the sorter. Additionally, the instrument is situated within a negatively pressurized facility equipped with sterilizing equipment, thus allowing the instrument to handle infectious agents or pathogen-containing samples up to Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) standard, i.e. all non-air borne pathogens including viral pathogen such as HIV.  

Using Influx

The Influx is not an user operatable instrument, and is operated by our flow cytometry specialist Stephen Kwok (TLC). The use of Influx is by appointment only, please contact Stephen Kwok or Albert Tai, the core facility manager for more detail.


The fee for using the Influx is currently the same as the cell sorting service (MolFlo) provides by TLC, please see the TLC website for current pricing.

Key specifcations

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