MDC FlexStation II

FlexStation II is a multi-mode reader capable of multi-wavelengths bioluminescence and fluorescence detection on a multi-well plate format. The FlexStation has built in fluidic mechanism allowing automatic addition of reagents to assay plate. With this built-in fluidic mechanism, the Flexstation can start reading an assay as soon as the reagent is added. This feature makes the Flexstation particularly fit to capture data involve rapid kinetics, such as Ca++ influx, change of membrane potential as well as rapid substrate/ligands uptake. The dual monochromators configuration allows the instrument to read signal from 200 to 850 nm (+- 1 nm) and fluorescence excitation from xx to xx nm (+- 1 nm), and to read the signal from top or bottom of a plate. The built-in fluidic handling also allows rapid and accurate addition of reagent, and act as a perfect platform for developing assays that requires addition of rapid and precise addition of multiple reagents.

Using FlexStation II

The the FlexStation II is an user operatable instrument and requires some initial training on both data acquisition and analysis. Please contact the core facility manager for demonstration, trial run training or instrument use.


rate table

Key specifications

Fluorescence Photometric
Emission wavelength range: 360-850 nm
Excitation wavelength range: 250-850 nm
Scanning increments: 1 nm
Sensitivity (signal 3X SD)
Top-read (96-well plate): 3 fmol/well FITC
Bottom-read (96-well plate): 8 fmol/well FITC*
Top-read (384-well plate): 3 fmol/well FITC
Bottom-read (384-well plate): 6 fmol/well FITC*
Time-resolved fluorescence (384-well plate):
0.5 fmol/well Eu-Ch*

Luminescence Photometric
Sensitivity: 10 amol ALKPhos*
Wavelength range: 360-850 nm
General Photometric
Microplate well formats: 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384
Detection spot size
Top-read: 3.5 mm
Bottom-read: 1.5 mm
Lamp life: Exp. 2 Years, warr. 1 Year
Thermal (Read Chamber and Fluidics)
Temperature chamber range/rate:
Ambient +1°C to 45°C in 30 mins.
Fluidics (96- & 384-Well Plates Only)
Max. volume (8 channel): 200 μl
Precision @ 50 μl (8 channel): 2% CV
Precision @ 5 μl (8 channel): 8%CV
Dispense max. rate (8 channel): 208 μl/sec.
Max. volume (16 channel): 30 μl
Precision @ 10 μl (16 channel): 3% CV
Precision @ 1 μl (16 channel): 5% CV
Dispense max. rate (16 channel): 52 μl /sec.

Please visit manufacturer website for additional information.