MDC ImageXpress Micro

The ImageXpressMICROTM imaging system from Molecular Devices is a fully-integrated hardware and software system for automated acquisition and analysis of images for high throughput cell-based screening. The inverted epifluorescent microscope is designed for scanning standard multi-well microplates or slides, for live cell or end-point assays. It is compatible with 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-,
96-, 384- and 1536-well plates. The system design is optimized for speed, utilizing a highspeed laser auto-focus option. Its small
footprint enables benchtop imaging requiring minimal lab space. The system has an automated door for robotic plate-loading access.
ImageXpressMICRO was designed with custom optics for the most efficient light path and highest resolution possible. The xenon arc lamp provides illumination for imaging from ultraviolet (UV) to near infrared (IR).
 MDC Image Xpress Micro

The automated objective and filter cube changers allow imaging with up to five different filter sets and four different objectives during a single experiment. The system may be configured with optional environmental control and/or transmitted light source to provide brightfield and phase contrast imaging capabilities. ImageXpressMICRO features image-based autofocus and optional high-speed laser auto-focus with dedicated image sensor for increased throughput. The high precision design provides better than 100 nm resolution from its fully automated stage and focus control. The system comes with the Photometrics® CoolSNAPES digital CCD camera, which can be upgraded to the CoolSNAPHQ camera. ImageXpressMICRO is powered by MetaXpressTM, a complete software solution for screening acquisition, image storage and analysis. MetaXpress enables users to select a standard image analysis routine or develop custom protocols to fit the researcher’s specific needs.

Using the ImageXpress Micro

The ImageXpress Micro is an user operatable instrument and requires initial training on both image acquisition (~ 1 hour) and analysis. Please contact the core facility manager for demonstration, trial run training or instrument use.


rate table

Key specifications

Key components

  • ImageXpress MICRO automated epifluorescent imaging system
  • MetaXpress software with integrated MDCStore database
  • CoolSNAPHQ digital CCD camera
  • Computer workstation for instrument control
  • MetaXpress offline analysis packages
  • Analysis application modules for MetaXpress (see below)
  • AcuityXpress cellular informatics software
  • 300W xenon arc-lamp
  • 4-position automated objective changer (see below for available objectives)
  • 5-position automated filter cube changer (see below for available filter cubes)
  • Fully automated X-Y sample stage and Z focus stage with better than 100 nm resolution
  • High-speed laser auto-focus
  • Transmitted light/phase contrast

Objectives (Nikon)

 Type    Model NA Working Distance
 Plan Apo
   4x  0.20 20.00  Brightfield, Fluorescence
 Plan Fluor
   10x  0.30 16.00  Brightfield, Fluorescence
 Plan Fluor    DL 10x  0.30 15.20  Phase Contrast (Ph1), Fluorescence
 Plan Fluor    ELWD 20XC
8.1 - 7.0
 Brightfield, Fluorescence
 Plan Fluor    ELWD DM 20XC
 0.45 8.1 - 7.0
 Phase Contrast (Ph1), Fluorescence
 Plan Fluor    ELWD 40XC
 0.60 3.7 - 2.7
 Brightfield, Fluorescence
 Plan Fluor    ELWD DM 40XC
 0.60 3.7 - 2.7
 Phase Contrast (Ph2), Fluorescence

Filter cube sets

 Filter set



Optimized for these fluorophores


DAPI, AF350, AMCA, BFP Hoechst, LysoSensory, Marina Blue, Pacific Blue and sgBFP
 FITC 482nm

FITC, FAM, AF488, BODIPY, Calcein, Fluo-4, MitoTracker Green, Oregon Green, Rhodamine 110 and rsGFP (S65T)

 GFP 472nm
GFP,Cy2, CyQuant, DiO, EGFP, sgGFP, wtGFP, YOYO-1 and YO-PRO-1
 CY3 531nm
Cy3, DsRed, AF555, Calcium Orange, LysoTracker Yellow, MitoTracker Orange, Phycoerythrin (PE), Rhodamine Phallicidine and TAMRA
 TRITC-A 543nm
TRITC, AF546, 5-TAMRA, AF532, BODIPY TMR, DiI, POPO-3, PO_PRO-3 and Rhodamine
 TXRED 562nm
Texas Red, mCherry, 5-ROX, AF568 & 594, Calcium Crimson, Cy3.5, HcRed and MitoTracker Red
 CY5 628nm


Cy5, SpectrumFRed, AF647 & 660, Allophycocyanin (APC), BODIPY 650/665, DiD, SYTO Red, TOTO-3, TO-PRO-3
 CFP 438nm
CFP, AmCyan, SYTOX Blue, BOBO-1 and BO-PRO-1
 YFP 500nm
YFP, Calcium Green-1, Eosin, Fluo-3, Rhodamine 123

Application modules

  • Angiogenesis tube formation
  • Cell cycle
  • Cell health
  • Cell scoring
  • Count nuclei
  • Granularity
  • Live/dead
  • Mitotic Index
  • Monopole detection
  • Neurite outgrowth
  • Transfluor®
  • Translocation