NanoDrop 2000

The New NanoDrop™ 2000 delivers the same high-quality performance you have come to expect from NanoDrop's full-spectrum UV-Vis instruments, and it provides many enhancements over the NanoDrop 1000 model.
  • Fast measurement time of less than five seconds
  • New, innovative software that allows you to create
    custom methods and provides flexible options to design
    reports and export your data
  • Improved capability for proteins with low wavelength absorbance, such as peptides at 205 nm
  • Sample volumes as small as 0.5 µl, which is ideal for
    precious high concentration samples
  • Higher concentration measurement capability up to 15,000
    ng/µl (dsDNA), which eliminates the need to dilute highly concentrated samples

 Nano drop 2000