Tecan Genesis RSP150/8 liquid handling robot

Tecan Genesis RSP150/8 pipetting robot is a versatile and robust instrument commonly for automated liquid handling and other laboratory automation.

The RSP150/8 is equipped with a liquid handling arm (LiHA) with independent channels that can be configurated to use with the standard Telfon coated resuable tips or diposable tips of various sizes, or any combination of above. The channels can be programmed to operate independently from each other and the width between each channel can be adjusted to fit different containers. This configuration allows setting up of various types of liquid transfer procedures with ease.

 Tecan Genesis RSP150

The RSP150/8 in the study center is also equipped with robotics manuipulator arm (RoMA), which allows the instrument to transfer containers, such as multi-well plate, arcross the working surface, and in and out of storage hotel and incubator.

The working surface, or the deck, is 150 cm in width and can be configurated to hold commonly used containers such as tubes of various sizes, vials, multi-well assay plates and disposable pipetting tips.

Using Genesis RSP150/8
Please contact the core facility manager if you would like to see a demo or use this instrument.

Please contact the core facility manager for information about usage fee.