Instrument use

The instruments of the core facility is available at different levels:

  • Level 1 - Unsupervised use for trained users
  • Level 2 - Unsupervised use for user trained and approved by SCIID personnel
  • Level 3 - Supervised use by SCIID personnel
  • Level 4 - Operate by SCIID personnel
 Instrument  Level
Amnis ImageStream
 2 - 4
BD Influx
Biacore T100
1 - 4
MDC FlexStation II
1 - 4
MDC ImageXpress Micro
2 - 4
MDC SpectraMax M5
1 - 4
Spinning Disc Confocal Microscopy
3 - 4
Tecan Genesis RSP150/8
2 - 4

Instrument operation training
The personnel from SCIID can provide instrument training on selected instruments

Data acquistion

Experimental planning

Data analysis
Help for data analysis is provided for all instruments

General Contact

Albert K. Tai, Ph.D.
Core facility manager, SCIID
Office: 617-636-3992
Mobile: 617-934-5634

Collaborating Facilities

Tufts Laser Cytometry (TLC)
Core facility with two fluorescence activated cell sorters (MoFlo) and two analytical flow cytometers (FASCalibur and LSR II). Operated by Allen Parmelee and Stephen Kwok.

Clinical and Translation Resarch Center (CTRC) core laboratory @ Tufts Medical Center
Full service research core which offers ELISA and RIA-based assay, etc. CTRC core lab has recently acquired an instrument for Luminex-based assay, and it is available to the basic research community at Tufts via a collaboration between the CTRC core lab and SCIID. Please contact SCIID core facility manager, Albert K Tai (617-636-3992), for information regarding and services provided by CTRC core lab.