Frequently Asked Questions

What if structure is outside my field of expertise?
Show up to a meeting and ask lots of questions. The aim of SCBRG is for everyone to learn from each other.
What is the meeting format?

Basically, the SCBRG is here to help! The meeting is held in as an informal as possible. Discussion is encouraged, if not required, and we hope everyone in attendance will give us their two cents! All questions, queries, and comments will be answered by the group as a whole so that pressure is taken off the presenter and we can generate as worthwhile a dialogue as possible. We understand that there is a breadth of experience in the group and we heartily welcome the input of younger students to both offer fresh insight into old problems and to aid in their education. Refreshments are provided in the form of chips, snacks, and beverages.

Where and when are the meetings?

All meetings, unless otherwise noted, will take place in Stearns 704 Conference Room (Biochemistry Conference Room, 7th floor Stearns or 6th floor M+V/Jaharis). They will generally take place on alternate Wednesdays at 4pm.

How do I contact SCBRG?

Lead Faculty - Jim Baleja

Student Leader/Website Management - Henry Rogalin

See the information on Tufts Listserves at the bottom.



The SCBRG has an official tufts listserve which we use as the primary form of communication between our members. To sign up for these emails which detail information about upcoming seminars simply click this link,  sign in to the list serve with your Tufts Exchange account and password, and click "subscribe" on the left pane.

Spreading the Word

We're looking to expand in a big way this year and our best way to do that is to get everyone talking about it! Let your lab mates know about the group and if you enjoyed it and we'll soon double our number!