Previous Events

Spring 2013

January 9 - Sami F. Noujaim "The acetylcholine sensitive potassium current: Three-dimensional structure of a potential therapeutic target for atrial fibrillation"

January 23 - Ping Zhang "Unconventional liganding of a GPCR with cell-penetrating pepducins"

February 27 - Mathilde Romagnoli and Srimathi Srinivasan “ADAM8 is a post-translationally modified protein that is required for angiogenesis of breast cancer"

March 6 - Santosh Kumar Choudary “Versatile substrates and probes for IgA protease activity: Implications on inhibition and detection of IgAP"

March 20 Barbara Brodsky, Department of Biomedical Engineering “Collagen: Molecular Structure, Pathological Changes, and Recombinant Applications” 

Fall 2012

September 18 - Alexander Lin, Harvard Medical School “The Virtual Biopsy: Clinical Applications of MR Spectroscopy in Cancer”

October 3 - Jim Baleja "Measuring Metabolites in Models of Breast Cancer"

October 17 - Gretchen Meinke "Fret not-yet: progress toward characterization of the mRNA processing complex CF1a from yeast"

November 7 - Jenny Maki "Development of Selective Small Molecule Inhibitors of RIP1 Kinase."

November 14 - Andrew Bohm "GPCR signalling explained at last.  Why recent advances in GPCR crystallography earned a 2012 Nobel Prize"

December 5 - Henry Rogalin "Characterizing prefusion glycoprotein B of HSV-1"

Spring 2012

February 22 – Justin Quartararo “Bicyclic Peptides as Probes of Protein-Protein Interactions: Targeting SH2 domains via conformational phosphotyrosine mimics”

March 7 - James Baleja “Cancer Metabolomics”

March 21 - John Champagne "Absolute Macromolecular Characterization of Proteins Using Light Scattering and Related Techniques"

April 4 – Vijay Murthy “Understanding and Applying Multivalency in Biological Systems”

May 2 – Gautham Sridharan and Kyong Lee “Metabolic Engineering in Human Disease”

May 16 – Jared Pitts “Uncovering the function of the Herpesvirus UL37 protein”

May 30 – Jessica Silverman “Regulation of Membrane Fusion by the Cytoplasmic Domain of HSV-1 gB”

June 13 – Henry Rogalin “Visualization and characterization of HSV-1 gB in a membrane context”