Global & Local Engagement

Tufts University is committed to improving the human condition on a global scale through education, discovery and action. Across all schools and programs at Tufts, students are encouraged to make the world a better place through active participation locally and globally. Tufts believes strongly that student engagement is essential to preserving and extending basic human rights to all peoples.

This commitment runs deep at the Tufts School of Medicine. TUSM recognizes that 21st century health professionals—whether they are clinicians, researchers, public health specialists, or industry leaders—must view their careers through the lens of global health.

TUSM offers many opportunities for students to engage in local and global health issues. For example, in our own neighborhood of Chinatown, students participate in a range of clinical, research, and community outreach initiatives. Students also volunteer in local clinics for the medically underserved. Through the Community Service Learning initiative, medical students collaborate with community-based partners to examine issues such as healthcare disparities, community outreach, public health initiatives, and humanitarian service.

On a global scale, our medical, biomedical, and public health students are immersed in the global health dimensions of their chosen fields of study. For example, students at the Sackler school examine the molecular mechanisms behind many global health threats, including HIV, cholera, and animal-borne illnesses. Our medical and public health students study the personal and societal impact of such diseases.

TUSM also offers learning opportunities in a number of established global health programs, including those in India, Panama, Ghana, Nicaragua, Haiti and other locations. Students who travel abroad to learn and contribute are exposed to experiences that not only enrich their own lives but also those of our global partners and host communities.

Tufts graduates and faculty engaged in global research, education, and training initiatives serve as advisors and mentors for students planning global health experiences. Together with our international partners, TUSM prepares its graduates to be part of a growing cadre of health professionals equipped with the skills needed to tackle global health challenges around the world.