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Students learning CPR

Photo Courtesy of Alan Hsu, M'14

IDEAS in Medicine is a year-long medical education program that complements the 7th grade curriculum at Eugene Wright Science and Technology Academy. Students from Tufts University School of Medicine mentor and tutor Wright students in math and science, who are taking biology at the age when they begin to formulate long-term goals and envision their adult future. 

We seek to support students from minority backgrounds in their pursuit of higher education. The program is designed to help students improve their math and science literacy, critical thinking skills, and problem solving ability, while also introducing them to careers in the health sciences. Additionally, the program strives to educate medical students to incorporate five basic principles into their life long practice of medicine – Innovation, Diversity, Engagement, Achievement, and Service.

During this pivotal year, Tufts tutors help students develop critical life skills, connect their in-class education with career opportunities and visualize future success. Further, the experience comes at an ideal time for the medical students—the program affords them six months to learn the responsibility that physicians hold in their community, while developing skills that are essential to effective patient care.

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