Our Mission

As a free health education program that also provides limited health care services, the Sharewood Project's mission is to enhance the health of the Boston area community by providing services for the medically underserved. To this end, we engage with a strong network of community organizations, educational institutions, and local resources to contribute to the care of clients and their families. The Sharewood Project also strives to orient medical students to the process of healthcare delivery, providing them with an opportunity to build interpersonal skills through clinical engagements, and to expose them to a diverse client population.


  • Compassion: We are always conscious of the different backgrounds and disadvantaged situations from which our clients come. We recognize and seek to alleviate the distress of our clients and esteem sympathy in every interaction with them.

  • Sensitivity: We will be respectful of client dignity and aware of client physical, mental, and emotional needs. We treat our staff and volunteers with respect, always providing each other with support and camaraderie.

  • Leadership: The Sharewood Project is recognized as the sole institution in the Boston area that provides free health education and limited health care services to those in need. To this end, we are a leader in our community and strive to guide other student organizations and non-profit entities down this path. The Sharewood Project is administratively run by medical students at Tufts University School of Medicine and we enable every student the opportunity to take ownership in the various operations of the organization.

  • Education: We recognize the need to prepare the next generation of doctors in providing clinical training in both the art and science of medicine. Students learn to understand and interact with a client population hailing from a vast array of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. We also seek to inform and educate our clients about health resources within the community. Providing case-management and referral services allow us to teach both client and caregiver the current system of health care delivery.

  • Excellence: We will continue striving to deliver the highest quality of care possible. Our clients deserve the best we have to offer in general medical services, disease prevention, and case management. We will meet and exceed expectations of all stakeholders in our organization through superior service and conduct in everything that we do.