Faculty Research

Research is central to the mission of Tufts University and a top priority for the Office of the Provost. Over the past several years and with tremendous support from the provost, members of the Office of the Vice Provost have worked hard to assure that we can support the Tufts community in continued pursuit of ever greater accomplishments in research. We look forward to supporting the continued success of our research programs.

Some of the ways TUSM supports its faculty members involved in research:

Research Days are series of events hosted by the Office of the Vice Provost to showcase outstanding research at Tufts, both for our own community as well as potential industry collaborators. Previous Research Days had focused Tufts’ strengths in topics such as  Infectious disease and pathogens, Cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes,  and Translational research: applying discovery.

The Office of Educational Affairs (OEA) administers a Medical Education Research Program lending faculty assistance and support with grant opportunities, international dissemination of projects, the IRB process and  more.  Learn more about OEA educational research:

Other Research Links: