Student Health Insurance FAQ

Do I have to enroll in the school health insurance plan?
No, if you have your own insurance you can waive the school health insurance plan as long as your health insurance plan qualifies per State Law.

Are vaccinations and blood work covered on the school insurance plan?
Yes, all required immunizations and blood work are covered.

Is vision care covered on the student plan?
Yes, annual eye exams are covered.  A discount program is available for eyewear materials and other products.


Can I add my spouse or family to my insurance plan?
Yes, students are able to add dependent(s). Eligible dependents are the spouse or domestic partner and children under 26 years of age.  Students are not able to add parents, siblings or grandparents to their plan.  For more information contact the SAHA Office at 617-636-2701.
If I waive the school insurance plan and lose my coverage, am I able to enroll mid-year?
Yes, students are able to enroll in the student health insurance plan if they lose their coverage due to no fault of their own.

Does the health insurance cover me when I am off campus, out of state or country?
Yes, the health insurance plan is a PPO.  If you leave the country, please contact the SAHA Office for information.

For more information contact the SAHA office at 617-636-2701.