Additional Resources for Insured Students

UnitedHealthcare Student Resources, offers many products and services in addition to health insurance and prescription benefits. This Resources Guide includes:

  • How to access your account via the web or a Smartphone.
  • Information on mobile access to search for Providers/Doctors.
  • Discounts on products or services such as dental, vision, fitness centers and much more through United Allies Discount Program.
  • UHC Global connects you to medical care and other services if you experience a medical emergency while traveling or studying 100 miles or more from campus or home.
  • Student Assistance provides immediate access to resources such as crisis specialists online resources, and legal and financial services.

HealthiestYou provides you with access to a board certified physician 24/7 for consultation, diagnosis and treatment plan for acute medical care (i.e. bronchitis, strep throat, pink eye, etc.) via a phone or video chat.

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources