Things To Do Prior To Orientation

Create a Tufts Email Account

Creating a Tufts University email account will allow you to begin using your Tufts University email address and gain access to school resources such as the Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase (TUSK) which contains links to first-year curriculum, student discussion forums and other resources. This web-based self-registration process is optional and all matriculants will be able to participate in the account registration process when they arrive on-campus for Orientation. To go to the Account Registration system you should login into the TUSM Online Secondary Application. You will see an icon on the left called “Tufts Account Registration.” Click on the icon and follow the directions.

Upload an ID Photo

You should upload your own photo to be used for your Tufts Student ID card which will be distributed at Orientation. A Tufts ID is required for building access, library resources, and serves as your identification in our affiliated hospitals. You are encouraged to use a photo with professional attire. To upload your photo, go to Picasso and follow the directions. In order to use the Picasso system, you need to have already created your Tufts email account through the account registration system. If you have already registered your Tufts Account but do not remember your Username, you can use Tufts Tools and click on “I can’t remember my Tufts username.” If you have forgotten your password, go to Tufts Tools and choose the “I forgot my Tufts password” link.

Research Housing Options

The OSA is happy to help with general questions regarding where students live, how to find roommates, etc., as you look for housing. The best way to start is to visit our Housing Resources page. Also, if you have access to TUSK, there is a “Housing” discussion page that you might find helpful. (Only current students can access this page on TUSK.) If you have additional questions about housing, please email or call (617) 636-0893. Those of you who are new to Boston may want make note of some of the information provided to new students by the City of Boston and review our Student Services & Campus Life page.