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Physician Well-Being is a curricular key theme at TUSM that aims to promote student physician wellness in medical school and beyond. We support medical students in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the goal of becoming positive wellness role models for their patients. While medical training is undoubtedly challenging, TUSM encourages students to continually assess and preserve their overall wellness in all of its distinct forms.  There are a variety of resources available to TUSM students – some (but not all) are included here.

For further information, please contact the Office of Student Affairs (617-636-6534) or the Office of Education Affairs (617-636-6934).

Other Resources:

    • COMPASS: Co-leader Orientation in Mindfulness for Patients and Student Support (COMPASS) is a mindfulness-based stress reduction and support program for incoming first year students. Taking place in optional, biweekly groups during fall of the first year curriculum, COMPASS teaches students techniques to reduce stress and enhance coping and studying skills. Groups are co-led by two second-year student volunteers who have gone through an intensive training to prepare them for this role.  Contact the OEA for more info. 
    • PAWs: The Practical Approaches to Wellness (PAWs) course stems from the work of the Physician Well-Being curricular theme committee and espouses the notion that in order for students to develop into healthy and balanced physicians, they must learn the rudiments of self-care early in their medical school career.  PAWs is an optional, six-session series for first-year students.  Each one-hour session is organized around a different topic (e.g., Time Management; the Physiology of Stress; Sleep Hygiene; Nutrition) and includes a guest lecture followed by time to practice meditation techniques. Contact the OEA for more info.
    • Healer's Art: Contact the OEA for more info.

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