Student Club Funding Policies

Student Club Funding Policies

*IRS auditing guidelines form the below policies and many policies are set by the Tufts University Finance Department.

* For any questions, please email the Student Council Treasurer.  Staff in the Office of Student Affairs are also available for questions: Dean Janet Kerle, and Paula Gagnon


  • All reimbursement paperwork must be submitted within 30 days of purchase to the OSA. After 30 days, the student risks having the reimbursement denied by the Finance Department.
  • In order to be reimbursed, a complete Business Expense Reimbursement Form must be filled out. Hardcopies are available in the OSA.
  • The reimbursement form must be accompanied by the original, itemized receipt that indicates how the purchase was paid. If paid by credit card or check, the student must provide proof of payment such as a bank statement for those expenses only (not the entire bank statement). The event sign in sheet, as well as the class email where the event was advertised must accompany the form. Any reimbursement form submitted without this information will not be processed.
  • In addition to the Dept. ID, business expense and travel expense reimbursement forms require an account code be filled in. The account code will be 5305.
  • The reimbursement process is as follows. Reimbursement paperwork is:

                        1. Reviewed by the OSA, followed by the Student Council Treasurer  

                        2. Reviewed and approved by an OSA Dean

                        3. Sent by interoffice mail to Tufts Support Services, which cuts and mails checks to students directly. This entire process typically takes 3 weeks, but can take up to 6 weeks.

                            If you have not received a check for a reimbursement or need to check the status of a reimbursement, please come to the OSA.

  •  The president(s) and treasurer will receive their club Dept. ID and balance once at the beginning of the academic year. They will give this information to the members of their club and

          it is the personal responsibility of each student to keep track of this information and to fill it out on each reimbursement form they submit.

  •   Repeated requests for either the Dept. ID or club balance are up to the discretion of the Student Council Treasurer and the OSA.
  •   Reimbursement is paid to the person whose name, address and signature are on the reimbursement form. Tufts cannot reimburse students for purchases listed on another student’s credit card, or for receipts that have another student’s name on them.
  •   Please make sure to note on the reimbursement form any costs that will be shared between your club and another club. Accompanying the form must be a written statement of acknowledgement, from the others club(s),

          noting either a specific dollar   amount or percentage contributed, along with their Dept. ID.

  •   It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any additional information, such as a bank statement or an original, detailed receipt, which may be required to process the reimbursement.
  •   The reimbursement check is mailed directly from Tufts Support Services (TSS) on the Medford campus and will be mailed to the address supplied on the reimbursement form.
  •   The amount of time it takes to process each reimbursement may vary – please plan accordingly
  •   Only students who are currently enrolled full-time in the Medical School may be reimbursed for club fund purchases. Students not enrolled full-time or participating in RCP are not eligible for reimbursement. 


  • Reimbursement forms must be submitted with original, detailed receipts. Pictures or scanned copies of receipts, any receipts that are not itemized, or receipts that do not indicate how the purchase was paid for will not be accepted. There are no exceptions as this is per the Finance Audit team.
  • Any receipts with hand-written tips must be accompanied by a credit card or bank statement showing the full amount paid by the student.
  • If the receipt is NOT itemized, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the restaurant/vendor and get an itemized receipt.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a duplicate receipt from the vendor if they misplaced or lost their original receipt.    
  • If students plan to buy personal items at the same time as club purchases, those personal item purchases must be on a separate receipt.
  • Tufts is a tax exempt institution, which enables clubs to purchases items tax free, if the vendor allows it. Don’t forget to let restaurants know up front when ordering catering or pick up orders that Tufts is a tax exempt institution (OSA is able to provide documentation of our tax exempt status directly to vendors) and ask that the delivery driver brings you an itemized receipt indicating how the expense was paid. If the food purchase was made online, a bank statement for that expense must be submitted as well.
  • Some restaurants may say that they do not have the capability to print a computer statement of the itemized bill.  Ask that they include the waiter’s pad notes that itemize the purchase and provide the total.


  • Student Council club funds granted are to be used by the end of the current academic year. For all clubs, unused student club funding awarded for the year will not roll over to the next fiscal year.
  • The fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th every year. All reimbursements made during the fiscal year must be turned in at least 6 weeks in advance of June 30th. Reimbursements not received before the deadline will be paid out of the next fiscal year’s student club budget, if there is funding available.
  • Every club is required to keep a spreadsheet of their expenses, maintained by the club president and/or treasurer. This should include all financial transactions related to the club, including all purchases, donations, and award money received and spent. This spreadsheet should be kept current at all times.  
  • All purchases made with club money should be first cleared through the club president(s) or treasurer. Before making any purchases or submitting any reimbursements to the OSA, club members must verify with the club president and/or treasurer that there are adequate funds available in the budget and that the appropriate Department ID (‘Dept. ID’) will be charged. These purchases must be notated in the budget spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will be needed at club turnover during the spring semester.
  • It is the club president’s and/or treasurer’s responsibility to ensure that their club does not overspend the amount allocated within their club's account. Any expenditures that exceed the club’s balance are the sole responsibility of the club and student who overspent the balance.  
  • When turning over leadership of the club, the club president and/or treasurer will need to complete and return to the OSA the ‘Club Turnover Form’ with the names of incoming and outgoing club leadership and the current club balance with an up-to-date copy of their club’s spreadsheet.


  • A Tufts purchasing card (credit card), commonly referred to as a “P card,” may be used by student clubs to make purchases over $400. If your club intends to pay for an expense by the P card, an email must be sent to the OSA with your club’s detailed request at least 10 days in advance of the purchase/event. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY, as any requests made to use the P card with less than the required notice are up to the discretion of the OSA.
  • Within 24 hours of the event, you must submit to the OSA, along with the original, detailed receipt, an event sign-in sheet and a copy of the class email the event was advertised in. If a sign-in sheet is not submitted, the club will not be permitted to use the P card until the OSA receives the sheet.
  • Let restaurants and other vendors know up front when purchasing food or other items that Tufts is a tax-exempt institution. They may require additional paperwork. Please let the OSA know what the vendor may need (i.e. a copy of our tax exempt certificate) when you make the initial request.


  • All purchases made online with a credit card must be accompanied by a credit card or bank statement indicating the amount purchased. Tufts student should cross out any personal identifying information before the statement is submitted to the OSA and the Finance department.


  • All non-disposable items purchased with Student Council funds must be pre-approved by Student Council. Please contact the Student Council Treasurer and your class president with requests.
  • If groups are purchasing items which can be reused for future club events (i.e. soccer goals and uniforms for the soccer club), these items will need to be stored in the secure Posner Hall closet. Please inform the OSA when purchasing these items and contact OSA when needing to store or retrieve items. All unused and reusable items should be stored in the Posner Hall closet, too.


  • The OSA should be informed as soon as club members know they are planning on attending any conferences. All club members must notify Dean Kerle in writing of their plans to attend any conference.
  • Students will be paid on a per diem basis for their expenses accrued while attending the conference. Students should be familiar with Tufts’ travel requirements and what information they will need to submit to the OSA before traveling.
  • The club president will gather, organize and review all conference attendees’ reimbursement forms and receipts and submit them as a group together, following travel to the conference.
  • Students should use the Travel Expense Reimbursement Form. Do not use the Business Expense Reimbursement form when submitting receipts. 
  • Student clubs’ proof of national affiliation should be provided annually to the OSA.
  • Because conferences may involve travel to other states and countries, please be aware of what is needed before you go. Please refer to the ‘Receipts’ section of this document to make sure you get all itemized receipts before you leave the state.
  • Alcohol purchases of any kind will not be reimbursed.


  • Any club events involving alcohol must have prior approval from OSA (either Janet Kerle, Associate Dean of Students, or Amy Kuhlik, Dean of Students).



  • Donations/payments received for clubs should be brought to OSA immediately for depositing. Please provide your club name and Dept. ID and the reason for the donation/payment.
  • Donations made to an organization must be made via an email request. The W9 vendor certification form must be completed by the vendor and submitted by the club, along with the club Dept. ID, club name, amount being donated and the reason for making the donation.


  • Please contact OSA before announcing any fundraiser. If alcohol is involved, please contact Associate Dean of Students, Janet Kerle.


  • Please contact the Student Council Treasurer regarding the Tufts Medical Center Garage parking passes for non-Tufts affiliated panel members who are.

Student Reimbursement, Travel and Room Reservation Forms