OASYS End User Program

OASYS is a group of services that allow end users to edit and enhance existing School-branded web pages, and build new School-branded websites and sub-sites (or microsites) without needing to know HTML or code.

OASYS is a free service for all OASYS consortium members, and includes access to:

  • the Sitecore Web Content Management System
  • End user training program
  • On-demand end user support
  • Sitecore end user documentation
  • Website project management
  • Strategic planning for web development

End User Training

A professional training program is available to introduce TUSM stakeholders to web publishing on the Sitecore platform. There are no prerequisites for training, but we request that the business owner of the websites and or pages that will be edited grants permission for an administrator to be trained and given site access.

End User Support

We offer on-demand support for OASYS end users during business hours. Support includes help with the Sitecore application, additional training, web edits and answers to questions about Sitecore-hosted websites.

Please contact oit@tufts.edu with OASYS-related questions (put "OASYS" in the subject header).

Project Management

Our team provides a wide range of free web project-related support, from discovery to content migration. Please contact oit@tufts.edu to book a consultation.