End User Training

End users new to the Sitecore content management system are encouraged to take the end user training program, which consists of:

  • A two-hour session on Sitecore basic functions and best practices for web publishing
  • A short test (required to get live site access)

This course will cover the basics of content editing on the Sitecore CMS, our web publishing policies, and web-related editorial guidelines. Once you complete the training course, you will be asked to take a short quiz. After you pass the quiz, you will be granted access to edit the live websites.

If you have already been trained, and would like to brush up on skills or re-take the course, you are welcome to attend any Wednesday session.

Training Sessions

Some form of Sitecore training -- basic training or an open lab -- will be held nearly every Tuesday from 12-3 in the Hirsh Health Sciences Library in room 510 (the small computer lab), on the 5th floor of the Sackler building at 136 Harrison Ave in Boston.

If you are new to Sitecore, you will need to take a Basic Training course (approximately two hours), and will need to pass the test to gain access to edit the live website.

To engage in Basic Training, you'll first need an account. Please RSVP to in advance to get an account and reserve a spot.

Open Labs are drop-in friendly times open to any Certified Sitecore Publisher. At least one Sitecore expert, and oftentimes two, will be available to review issues and train you on advanced features. We encourage those working in Sitecore to bring projects they are working on. Publishers can also get a "mini-refresher" course in Sitecore basics.

Boston Basic Sitecore Trainings & Open Lab Times:

Where: 510 (small computer lab)
Hirsh Health Sciences Library
136 Harrison Ave, Boston

When: 12-3, specific Tuesdays. See dates below:

2/19/2013    Open Lab

3/5/2013      Basic Training

3/12/2013    Open Lab

3/19/2013    Open Lab

4/2/2013      Basic Training

4/9/2013      Open Lab

4/23/2013    Open Lab

4/30/2013    Open Lab

5/7/2013      Basic Training

Other Training Arrangements

Training arrangements are flexible. Users can choose to attend regularly scheduled sessions, or, if schedules conflict, may work with a trainer for a more suitable arrangement.  Training can be conducted in several formats to accommodate schedule and learning preference:

  • In person
  • Online (via WebEx)
  • Telephone
  • Self-paced (via Web Documentation)

Training Documentation

Online end user documentation for Sitecore is available, and will continue to be enhanced and refined.