Tufts University School of Medicine's family of websites (,,, and are governed by the following groups:

TUSM Web Communications

TUSM's Web Communications team is responsible for ensuring that editorial and other online web publishing standards are met and maintained, and has the right to remove any content that does not comply with these standards and policies. By extension, any editor of the TUSM websites must agree to and abide by these standards.

TUSM Web Communications’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to, matters related to content, functionality, usability, information architecture, accessibility and the representation of the School on the web.

This team is the School’s principal contact for all web matters, including those involving 1) the University website, web-related technologies and policies, and 2) external groups, institutions, clients and partners. 

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TUSM Web Steering Committee

The TUSM Web Steering Committee is the authoritative governing body for the TUSM websites. Its role is to provide executive leadership and strategic direction on matters related to the web. Among other decisions, it will vet and approve major projects for the TUSM Web Communications office each year.

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TUSM Website Approvers

This following people must sign off on appointing and authorizing end users to edit content for their office or department website. End user accounts will not be granted without with their approval.

Please follow these steps to apply for an end user account to edit official TUSM websites.