The MBS in Biomedical Sciences/Master in Business Administration (MBS/MBA) program gives students the opportunity to take advantage of the Tufts/Brandeis collaboration to earn concurrent master’s degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Business Administration. This dual track provides a comprehensive foundation for a wide variety of health careers, including medical practice, healthcare organizational leadership, hospital management, and pharmaceutical work. Students undergo a broad-based program in the biomedical sciences with professional study in health sector management and administration. By the end of the program, students have acquired business skills which make them more competitive in medical school and the job market.


Currently, students enroll in the standalone MBS program in late August complete their MBS coursework by the following May and thereafter complete their thesis as a requirement of the degree. Students interested in the dual MBS/MBA degree track enroll in the MBA Program during the summer following the successful completion of their MBS coursework. During the first summer, they take some MBA courses with Tufts MD/MBA students and then continue at Brandeis doing coursework with MBA students during the following fall and spring semesters. Students complete their MBA degree during the following summer. MBS/MBA students undertake the literature-based thesis and complete their thesis in August of their second year in the program.


1st Year 
(MBS Year-in Residence)
Course ID Course Title
Fall 1 MBS 200 Microbiology
  MBS 201 Cell Biology
  MBS 202 Histology
  MBS 203 Biochemistry
  MBS 204 Immunology
  MBS 205 Intro to Clinical Medicine
  MBS 209 Nutrition
  MBS 212 Genetics
  MBS 213 Pharmacology
  MBS 214 Basic Human Pathology I
Spring 2 
(1 credit elective)
MBS 206 Physiology
  MBS 215 Basic Human Pathology
  MBS 211 Basic and Clinical Human Anatomy
  MPH 205 or 259 Biostatistics
    Spring MCAT Tutorial and MCAT strongly encouraged
Summer 1 (12 credits)
(while completing MBS thesis)
MBS 210 Thesis
  *HS 258a Operations Management
  *HS 250a Financial Accounting
  *HS 290a Economic Analysis for Managers
2nd Year    
Fall 2 (16 -18 credits) *HS 253b Leadership & Organizational Behavior
  *HS 513a Issues on National Health Policy
  HS 518a Health Care Management
Elective credits (6)
(Note: 2 elective credits can be taken in Spring 2)
Spring 2 (18-20 credits) *HS 251b Managerial Accounting
  *HS 252b Strategic Management
  HS 248b Financial Management
  *HS 299b Team Consulting Project
  HS 232a TCP Workshop
Summer 2 (16 credits) *HS 215 Corporate Finance
  *HS 285a Marketing
  *HS 357f Law and Ethics
  *HS 347 Healthcare Technology and Information Systems
  MBS Thesis due August 15  

*Course overlaps with MD/MBA curriculum

How to Apply

Students who are already enrolled in the MBS program will be able to submit a short application to the MBS/MBA program during the spring of your first year. The deadline to apply to the program is March 15. Informational sessions will be held for students each year prior to the application deadline.

As a current MBS student, you will be asked to provide a personal statement regarding your interest in the MBA program and one letter of recommendation, typically from your current program adviser.

Upon submission of the short application, the PHPD Admissions Office will obtain the application materials you submitted for your original MBS program application and a copy of your transcript containing your first semester grades in the MBS program. The information you provide in the short application, plus your transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, and personal information on your original MBS application, will be combined and reviewed by the Admissions Committee for admission to the MBS/MBA program.

If you are offered admission to the MBS/MBA program, you will need to accept the offer and pay a non-refundable $200 deposit by the enrollment deadline provided in your admissions letter. Your ability to pursue the MBS/MBA program is contingent upon successful completion of the spring semester of your MBS coursework.

Apply to the MBS/MBA Program Using the Short Application

Costs for the MBS/MBA Degree

The following tuition rates are for 2021 – 2022 academic year* and apply to students enrolled in the dual MS in Biomedical Sciences/Master in Business Administration (MBS/MBA) program starting their MBA coursework in Summer 2021.

Students enrolled in the dual MBS/MBA will be billed for the MBA program for four semesters (2 summers, fall, and spring) following completion of the MBS program. At current year tuition rates, this means the total tuition cost of the MBA program for MBS/MBA students is $74,624 (in addition to the cost of the MBS program).

Semester Tuition Fees
First Summer Semester $13,992 (flat-rate) N/A
Fall Semester $18,656 (flat-rate) $280
Spring Semester $23,320 (flat-rate) $280
Second Summer Semester $18,656 (flat-rate) N/A

The current academic year's cost of attendance budget (including not only tuition, but room and board, health insurance, books, etc.) is available from the Office of Financial Aid.

Tuition rates and fees are effective as of Summer 2021. Note that program cost is set each academic year (June to May) and typically increases a small amount from year to year. The Trustees of Tufts University reserve the right to change tuition rates or fees at their discretion.

Contact Information

For questions about applying to the program, please contact the MBS admissions office at mbs.admissions@tufts.edu. For information about the program curriculum, please contact Paul Beninger, Director, MD/MBA and MBS/MBA in Health Management Programs at paul.beninger@tufts.edu.