MD/MBA Admissions

Dear Applicants to the MD/MBA Program at Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) - Heller School for Social Policy and Management,

TUSM is committed to curricular innovation and improvement, which is why we reorganized the MD curriculum in 2019 to center on the four-year integration of basic science, clinical science/medicine, healthcare delivery science, and personal and professional development.

For a multitude of reasons, including the complexity of the new MD curriculum, the desire of MD/MBA students for new initiatives and programming, and the School of Medicine’s priorities related to our new strategic plan (e.g., implementation of additional coursework related to racism and health inequity), TUSM has decided to redesign the MD/MBA program, most likely as a five-year experience. We have been working in an excellent partnership with the Heller School at Brandeis for nearly 26 years and will work with them on the redesign project.

TUSM and the Heller School are committed to providing our current MD/MBA students, including the incoming M25 class, with the full four-year curriculum experience as planned. The new MD/MBA model will be available to the M26 class. We will be launching a planning process in the coming academic year that will involve faculty, administrative leaders, current students, and alumni to provide insights and recommendations for the new model.

We invite you to contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Applicants for dual degree programs must apply to the School of Medicine and submit a separate dual degree program application. The dual degree program application is accessible on the secondary application web site.

Although there is no deadline for submitting an application, the dual degree programs can only accommodate a limited number of students and applying early is to your advantage.

All dual degree applicants will be initially reviewed for admission to the traditional MD program. Applicants who receive an Offer of Admission to the MD program, will then be considered for the dual degree program by that program's Admissions Subcommittee.

Additional interviews are not required and there are no additional application fees to apply. No standardized tests other than the MCAT are required to apply, however matriculants will need to take the GMAT by August 15th during the first summer of enrollment in order to fully matriculate at Brandeis University. To find out more about the GMAT, go to TaketheGMAT. Your test scores will be sent directly to the Heller School by GMAC, the Graduate Admissions Council. The GMAT code for The Heller School at Brandeis University is 3FD-ZX-31.

Due to scheduling conflicts, students in the Maine Track are not eligible to apply to the MD/MBA program.

Questions about financing your education? Find out more on the Office Financial Aid pages.

Our current students are available and ready to speak with you! Please email us at and we can make the connection for you.