Career Planning Requirement

Career Planning is the foundational support for you to achieve your post-graduation career goals. The course is half online asynchronous content and half a personalized meeting with a career counselor.

Career Planning is a required career development course for MPH students and is designed to ensure that students know the fundamentals of the hiring process; discover the diverse employers and jobs within public health arena; and become well versed in the story of their own professional successes to share in resumes, cover letters, online profiles, and interviews. Incoming students who are required to take Career Planning automatically will be enrolled in the course during their first semester of study. By the end of your second semester, you should have met with Career Services for an individual and pass the Quiz in the course.


Career Planning is the beginning of managing your own professional life. If you are like the typical working person, you will have ten or more jobs in your career which often times will be non-linear. This is so common that careers are now referred to a lattices instead of ladders.

Learning these needed skills now will minimize the stress of the unknown while maximizing the potential of your professional goals for years to come.

Career Planning is the complement to your academic courses. Together you will be a well-educated and supported job candidate for whatever your professional goals are.