JD/MPH Concentration

The dual degree through Tufts and Boston College Law School or Northeastern University School of Law can be completed in three and a half years, rather than the average four and a half to five years if the degrees were to be obtained separately. A carefully sequenced curriculum allows some MPH and law school courses to count for credit in both programs. Students must complete the core courses of the MPH program, a set of concentration courses, and enough electives to earn 42 semester hours of credit to complete the MPH. The JD/MPH has its own set of concentration courses that focus on the intersection of law and public health. Most of the concentration courses are law school courses in health and public health law related topics and are double counted towards both degrees. 

Concentration Skills & Competencies

  • Assess the impact of a federal law or policy on state initiatives to improve health
  • Apply negotiation or conflict resolution principles to resolve transactional issues addressing organization, financing or delivery in public health
  • Advocate for positions, programs, or resources to address health care access, cost, or quality
  • Examine primary source documents to determine legislative intent of a statute or regulation
  • Develop an issue brief on a state-level health care systems topic

Courses JD/MPH Concentration Requirements 

  • PH 217: Negotiation and Conflict
  • PH 249: Policy Analysis
  • PH 277: US Health Care
  • Health Law (at home law school)
  • Administrative Law (at home law school)
  • 7.5 elective credits

 For information about specific courses at each law school that meet concentration requirements for the JD/MPH contact marcia.boumil@tufts.edu.