Applied Learning Experience Support

The Applied Learning Experience (ALE) gives MPH students the opportunity to "practice" public health—in supportive and supervised settings—in anticipation of the receipt of their degree and future employment. All students in an accredited MPH program must complete both a public health project-based field experience and a culminating experience that is academically-based (e.g., a thesis or comprehensive exam). The Tufts MPH program combines these two requirements into the Applied Learning Experience. Read more about the ALE, including prerequisites and expectations.

Career Services begins providing ALE support in your very first meeting as part of Career Planning. At that time, you will discuss your career goals and what type of projects and/or employers will help round your experiences for your post-graduation career goals. Career Services will come back during ALE Planning PH 301 to provide course content, an ALE fair, and individual consulting as requested. Finally, in ALE Implementation PH 302, Career Services staff will join a class session to provide guidance on professional norms, networking within and outside of the organization, and what to learn about your ALE and how it impacts the employer to best tell its story in support your job search.

My ALE gave me insight into the complexities of working with a refugee population, including survey design, audio drama script development, and analysis of findings. It was just what I wanted in terms of getting my feet wet with community-level, domestic work with minority communities.

Ellyson Stout