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Physician Assistant Total Annual Estimated Costs

  YEAR 1 (Jan-Dec) YEAR 2 (Jan-Jan)
Tuition* $48,930 $48,930
Student activity fee* $70 $70
Student health administration fee* $250 $250
Technology fee* $228 $228
Disability fee* $69 $69
Student health insurance fee** $5796 $5022
Other Estimated Expenses    
Textbooks/Medical equipment $1875 $775
Laptop Computer*** $1500-2000  
Room & board $20340 $22035
Personal $3600 $3900
Program Related Travel $2671 $6707
Criminal background checks $50  

*Tuition and university fees are adjusted annually (above is based on 2019-20).

**By law, all students in Massachusetts are required to have health insurance.  If a student does not elect to take the student health insurance plan provided through Tufts University, evidence of other comparable health insurance coverage must be provided. Learn more about health insurance requirements.

***This is not automatically included in your costs, although, you may request a one-time increase during your studies for the purchase of a computer. Laptop PC or MAC, no older than 2 years with wireless internet connectivity. Home internet connectivity strongly recommended.

Medical Equipment

  • Otoscope (with insufflator)
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Cardiology-grade stethoscope
  • Penlight (optional), can use Otoscope light
  • Reflex hammer
  • Adult blood pressure cuff
  • Tuning forks (128Hz & 512Hz)
  • Rosenbaum pocket eye chart
  • Flexible, cloth measuring tape (metric)
  • Device to count seconds
  • 2 sets of scrubs (for procedural labs & practice sessions)