Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) is a national medical honor society. Criteria for election are determined by the society, and the data is tabulated by the Registrar's Office. Updates to election criteria are published annually. The top one quarter of the class will be eligible for election to AOA based on the criteria listed below. Membership is determined by the Tufts School of Medicine AOA Committee after performing a holistic review of the files of the top quarter of the class. A maximum of one-sixth of the students expected to graduate in the following academic year are selected. AOA results are announced no later than September of fourth year.

Eligibility is based on the point system listed below:

Clinical Performance in Third Year:

HONORS in Medicine or Surgery – 14 points
HONORS in Family Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics, or Psychiatry – 10.5 points

Score Points
246 or greater 25 points
239 to 245 20 points
232-238 15 points
226-231 10 points
215-225 5 points


  • Failure or low pass grade in any clinical rotation.
  • Failure of USMLE - Step I
  • Interim or final failure of more than one pre-clinical course
  • Demonstration of unethical or unprofessional behavior

Transfer Students

Transfer students must be in attendance at the electing institution for the major portion of one year in order to be eligible for election. Criteria for the eligibility of transfer students are the same as those for all other students.

Leave of Absence (LOA)/Research Concentration Program (RCP)

AOA eligibility calculations for students who take a LOA, RCP or ACP during their third year will be calculated with the class with which they will graduate. AOA eligibility calculations for students who take a LOA, RCP or ACP during their fourth year will be calculated with either the current graduating class or with the class with which they will graduate, depending on the date of their LOA, RCP or ACP. A student will be included in AOA eligibility calculations only once while at Tufts School of Medicine.

Final Selection of AOA

Selection of AOA members will be made by a committee of Tufts School of Medicine faculty members based on a review of the student’s entire medical school record and demonstration of attributes and qualities of importance to the medical profession.