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Tufts University School of Medicine

Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology

The Department of Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology was formed on July 1, 2013 to integrate the traditional studies of developmental and molecular biology with the innovation of chemical biology to facilitate fundamental understanding of disease processes as well as the development of novel therapeutics. One area of focus is signal transduction mechanisms in development and disease, especially in cancer. Structural biology and structure-based drug development is a second area of strength.

Our department supports the Tufts NMR Center, the Structural and Chemical Biology Research Group and the Small Animal Imaging Core.

The faculty of our department participate actively in PhD education. Members of our faculty participate in the following Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences PhD Programs:

  • Working in the lab
    Strong interdisciplinary training across a spectrum of biomedically-related translational areas.
  • Genetics diversity drawing
    Training scientists in the principles and applications of classical genetics and molecular genetics for careers in research, teaching, and biotechnology.
  • Student working in the lab
    Providing strong training in basic molecular and cellular immunology, the immunology of chronic diseases, and inflammatory diseases.
  • Reviewing experimental results
    A common interest in the biology of microbes and the effects of microbes on human and animal hosts.
  • micrograph of neurons
    Working to understand the form and function of the nervous system, with a particular emphasis on the synapse and glia-neuron interactions.
  • Physicians, researchers and veterinarians who comprise Tufts Human-Animal Cancer Collaborative share a passion to revolutionize cancer care for humans and companion animals.