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DPT Student Experience

Student-Centered Approach

Tufts DPT has been intentional about building a diverse community of learners and providing services to support our students. Academic coaching is an integral contributor to the success of the educational process. Academic Coaching takes on greater significance in the DPT program given the accelerated curriculum and distance learning. Tufts DPT Academic Coaching features the intentional pairing of students and faculty to promote goal achievement. The confluence of the Academic Coaching, the PHPD Office of Student Services, and Talk One2One counseling services provides an environment that addresses each student's individual needs at the program, institution, and community levels. These relationships and services demonstrate our commitment to addressing our students' diverse retention and remediation needs.

Academic Coaching Group Formation

The Director of Student Affairs assigns each DPT student an academic coach before program orientation. Academic coaches meet with their respective students both before and during the program orientation. The intentional pairing of academic coaches and students allows for building a supportive, collaborative community beginning at orientation and continuing throughout the program. During orientation, each academic coach facilitates team building by discussing individual and group strengths and characteristics and how these traits can be leveraged to promote collaborative success. This initial session's expectations include introductions to each other and the coaching program, personal and professional goal-setting, and team building. Coaches meet individually with each student at least two times over the first semester of the program to help students adjust to this accelerated hybrid program. After that, coaching sessions occur once each academic semester and once during each clinical experience at a minimum. Formal coaching sessions may be conducted in person or using video conferencing technology. Students are encouraged to communicate more frequently with their advisor/coach using phone calls and email exchanges.

Student Community

Ask our DPT students what the student community is like at Tufts School of Medicine's DPT program, and you'll hear things like friendly, collaborative, inclusive, and diverse. We pride ourselves on being a program where students are challenged to grow as healthcare providers while feeling supported during their professional journey. This is a program where students connect with classmates who become friends and colleagues for life. Tufts DPT provides rich student resources to keep our students supported throughout the program.

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