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DPT Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees

The following tuition rates are for 2020 – 2021 academic year* and apply to students enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT) program starting in Spring 2021. The costs indicated below are only an estimate and may be different from the student's total expenditures.

Tuition and Mandatory Fees (per semester/6 total semesters) Amount
Tuition (per semester) $18,334
Technology Fee (per semester) $114
Student Activity Fee (per semester) $35
Student Health Administration Fee (per semester) $125
Disability Insurance (charged annually) $54
Health Insurance (may be waived if covered on acceptable policy) (per semester) $2,484

*Tuition rates and fees are effective as of July 2020. Note that program cost is set each academic year (June to May) and typically increases a small amount from year-to-year. The Trustees of Tufts University reserve the right to change tuition rates or fees at their discretion.

Applying for Financial Aid

The DPT Program primarily provides financial assistance in the form of federal loans. We strongly encourage you to submit a financial aid application as early in the application process as possible to allow adequate time for the Office of Financial Aid to process your application. You should use the FAFSA that corresponds with your academic year (e.g., if enrolling in January of 2021, you should use the 2020-2021 FAFSA (School code: E00520) and the priority consideration date for applying for aid is November 6, 2020). Do not wait until you have submitted your application or receive an admissions decision to apply for aid, as this will delay your personal financial aid information. More Information on Applying for Aid

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