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Meet the Class of M19

Kate Burns
Kate Burns was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston in Natick, MA. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 2013 with a BA in Anthropology modified with Global Health and Development. While at Dartmouth, Kate discovered her interest in the elements of sustainable and effective systems as well as her passion for hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures. After graduating, she moved to Washington, DC to work for the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the National Academies, where she focused on innovative care delivery models, systems engineering, and patient and family engagement and leadership. Kate is excited to return to Boston and to continue to hone a multidisciplinary approach to health care through the Tufts MD/MBA program.
Ally Costello Ally Costello is so excited to move back to the Boston area after growing up in Dedham, MA. In 2013, she received her B.S. in Anthropology and B.A. in Music from Emory University. During her time at school, she participated in numerous medical volunteer trips to Honduras and Ghana where she discovered her passion for medicine. After graduating, Ally spent 2 years working as an implementation consultant for the electronic medical record company, Epic, where she helped bring Partners Healthcare live on their new EMR. It was this experience that sparked her interest in the structural side healthcare. She is primarily interested in how systemic changes to healthcare organizations can drastically alter the world of medicine. Ally is excited to join the MD/MBA program where she can continue to investigate the world of healthcare through both a medical and business lens.
Jonathon Gross Before coming to TUSM for a combined MD/MBA degree, Jonathon Gross studied biology and economics at Baylor University. While there, he had the opportunity to study abroad in Europe, and he also had the opportunity one summer to work at a health clinic in Kenya while also interviewing and working with local university students to develop business plans. Following this, he spent two weeks at the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine to learn the basics about tropical medicine and neglected tropical diseases with Dr. Hotez and others. Through all of this, he found an interest in global health and primary care, but with a strong business slant. He hopes to be able to participate in developing sustainable health care systems in the developing world while also engaging in economic development to help people grow and support further development of institutions for education and health. Also, he plans to run a primary care network and be active in health care management at the hospital and government levels to improve access and quality of care particularly while addressing delivery and payment structures.
Andrew Jarrah Andrew Jarrah grew up on Long Island, New York and after high school, attended New York University where he completed a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Business Studies. Throughout his undergraduate career, Andrew volunteered with numerous community service organizations gaining leadership and process experience. His research interests took him to the Cardiovascular Research Center at Icahn School of Medicine where he worked as part of a team to uncover the effects of GPCR signal manipulation in the diseased heart culminating in several publications. In the year prior to Tufts, Andrew worked at a health management start-up focused on managed care risk products. Having taken the organization from regulatory filing to operation, including the establishment of more than 200 network members, he has a huge appreciation for the administrative aspects of medicine. Given his mix of experience, and an interest in intelligent health technologies, Andrew firmly believes that there are opportunities available today to revitalize the delivery of medical care and improve community-wide health statuses while simultaneously reigning in burgeoning costs in the industry. Having never lived outside of New York, Andrew is excited to be at Tufts and receive his medical training in one of the greatest medical communities in the world.
Laura Naccarato Laura Naccarato is an M’19 MD/MBA candidate. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri she graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics. After graduation, Laura worked at Target Corporation as an Analyst, focusing on inventory management and financial forecasting. In 2013, Laura transitioned to healthcare, taking a Senior Consultant role at CVS Health. At CVS, Laura had the opportunity to hone her forecasting skills by building the retail pharmacy prescription budget. However, Laura’s interest in patient care grew most through a role in Controlled Substance and Patient Safety Analytics. Looking for a firsthand understanding of the patient data she analyzed, Laura sought out clinical experiences, and ultimately decided on a career in medicine. Laura hopes to utilize her MD/MBA to maintain a clinical practice and drive healthcare delivery innovation. In her free time, Laura enjoys travel, spinning, and trying new restaurants.
Ramy Rashad Ramy Rashad was born and raised in Southern California, where he attended high school and eventually attended the University of Southern California. In 2014, he graduated from USC with a B.A. in Neuroscience, and a double minor in Natural Science and Middle East Studies. While at USC, he was given the opportunity to work in Cairo alongside one of the presidential candidates in the 2012 elections, in examining ways to improve healthcare delivery and care for Egyptian citizens, particularly post the revolution. His work at the USC Healthy Aging Lab also allowed him to study ways to help members of ethnic and religious minority groups lead happier and healthier lives through a series of cognitive and clinical research studies. Upon graduating in 2014, his passion for clinical research took him to UC Berkeley and UCSF in the Bay Area, where he joined a multi-institutional research endeavor. During his time there, he helped develop budgets and monitored research funds, and helped in the submission of proposals to private industries and federal agencies, including the NIH and NSF.  In his free time, Ramy loves to play and watch soccer, travel, and hang out with his family. He is really excited to pursue the MD/MBA program to be able to intersect his passion for international medicine with his passion for making healthcare delivery more equitable and efficient.