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Curriculum Overview

Unlike most similar programs, students are able to complete both degree programs in only four years. The project-centered curriculum is organized to put students in contact with some of Boston's healthcare leaders and organizations. The field experience required of all students also provides an in-depth exposure to the real world of health management. Management and health policy courses are limited during the medical school year. Two-thirds of the MBA coursework is completed in the summers before the student's first and second years in medical school. Students must complete 69 credits of MBA course work; the MBA is granted by the Heller School.

  Course ID Course Title Credits
1st Year      
Summer HS258a Operations Management in Service Organizations 4
HS250a Financial Accounting 4
HS290a Economic Analysis for Managers 4
HS365a Physician Executive Field Experience 4
Fall HS253b Leadership & Organizational Behavior 4
Spring HS251b Managerial Accounting 4
HS246b Statistics 2
2nd Year      
Summer HS357f Health Law & Ethics I 2
HS348f Health Law & Ethics II 2
HS347a Healthcare Technology and Information Systems 4
HS285a Marketing 4
HS215b Corporate Finance 4
Fall HS513a Issues in National Health Policy 4
  HS257b Conflict Resolution by Negotiation 4
Spring HS252b Strategic Management 4
3rd Year      
Spring Block 7a-b HS343f Healthcare Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2
4th Year      
Spring Block 10 HS518a Management of Health Care Organizations 4
  HS299b Team Consulting Project 4
  HS801g Team Consulting Project Workshop 1
Total Heller Credits     65
    Ethics and Professionalism (TUSM Course) 4
Total Credits     69