Ramone Brown (MBS '22)

"Coming into the program, I wanted to prove that my academic struggles during college were far behind me. Finally being able to do so has been gratifying."
Ramone Brown poses in front of the MedEd building in downtown Boston

The MBS program wants students to accomplish all they have dreamed of and more—learn about the student experience from current student, Ramone Brown (MBS '22).

Why did you choose to pursue an MS in Biomedical Sciences at Tufts?
"I was not proud of my undergraduate GPA when I graduated in 2018. As a result, I took a couple of gap years to consult, do clinical research, and take classes at night to meet the general pre-medical course requirements. Even with an improved undergraduate GPA, I wanted additional proof that my academic capacity had increased. I began looking into graduate-level programs with a strong track record of getting their students into top schools. While researching, two friends of mine described the great experience they had while in the Tufts MBS—I was delighted! Having already completed a BS at Tufts, I was familiar with the tremendous amount of care faculty put into advising students, ensuring they have everything necessary to succeed."

How would you describe your experience in the program so far?
"There is a culture here of wanting to do well yourself, while also helping others do well. We are all doing this program for the same reason—we are committed to becoming the best physicians and dentists possible. As a result, everyone is comfortable sharing their study strategies, quizzing each other in study groups, and just generally holding each other accountable. We frequently speak with graduates of the MBS program who are now in medical school, residency, or are practicing attendings. They gladly describe how this degree helped improve their career progression."

What has your proudest achievement been so far in the program?
"Coming into the program, I wanted to prove that my academic struggles during college were far behind me. Finally being able to do so has been gratifying. I am going into medicine because of a desire to solve problems in the lives of patients who will entrust their care to me. Feeling academically capable of doing so is a crucial belief this program has reaffirmed in me."

What do you wish to accomplish upon graduation?
"Upon graduation, I will use the strategies I've learned in this program to have continued success in medical school and beyond. Later on, I hope to be one of the alumni who can share his story and be a resource for future MBS scholars."

What do you want a prospective student to know about Tufts?
"Tufts is a school that prides itself on every community member being the best version of themselves possible. There is no one mold for what success is. Boston provides innumerable opportunities to volunteer, research, and get clinical exposure in ways that are meaningful to you. Enjoy the path you choose, there will be a chorus of voices cheering you on along the way. We have built a home for you here, let's go 'Bos!"

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