Headshot image of Shobhik

Shobhik Chakraborty, MPH23

"I love that I can showcase the skills that I learned through the Applied Learning Experience and actually have deliverables at the end of it."
Headshot image of Johndar

Johndar Escala, DPT24

"I chose to pursue this degree because it's been my dream since I was a kid to become a physical therapist. The ability to help others and promote positive well-being is so rewarding to me."
Headshot image of Nick

Nick Falkson, MPH22

"I thought the curriculum design is great and prepares the student for a career in the healthcare industry."
Headshot image of Ashlee

Ashlee Graas, DPT24

"There are many amazing aspects to the DPT-Phoenix program. The instructors, my classmates, the beautiful campus in downtown Phoenix, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would say the hybrid format."
Headshot image of Hillary

Hillary Boucher, MPH23

"I spent my career working as a bench scientist and wanted to pivot my career in a new direction...the MPH allowed me to stay true to my science background and offer a wide variety of employment options."