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Faculty Spotlight: Berri Jacque

"I am often asked what would look good on my resume? I think the best advice I have is to do what you love and let your passion lead the way."
Anusha Jayaram, M22

Anusha Jayaram, M22

"While in medical school I’ve become incredibly passionate about global access to surgical care."
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Shannon Irvine, MPH22

"The faculty have been absolutely wonderful in cultivating a collegial and supportive atmosphere. I lived in Michigan for the duration of the program, so I was glad that the lack of in-person interaction didn't impact my ability to form relationships."
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Caroline Blackie, HIA22

"When I started, I envisioned that I would complete the program and then figure out how to apply the learnings in a future career shift. However, I have been able to apply the learnings from the program at work in real time, throughout the journey."