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Tufts University School of Medicine

#OurTufts Features MD Student Jolie Jean

Photo: Alonso Nichols/Tufts University
Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - 11:45am

"I came to Tufts with a background in molecular biology and neuroscience from Princeton University. I knew a lot about molecules and cells, but I didn’t really see the full picture. Medical school gave me perspective.

I decided on a career in radiology at the end of my third year. I’ve always been interested in visualizing pathology, and it’s a great field with a lot of innovation and a very promising future. But, it’s also one of those specialties that’s not commonly integrated into the core curriculum.

I’m eager to change the way radiology is perceived by medical schools. I want to ensure students are aware of how radiology has evolved with the rise of molecular imaging, artificial intelligence, and interventional oncology, and to demonstrate the importance of radiologists in patient-centered care. I’m currently on the editorial board for RSNA’s leading educational journal, RadioGraphics, and I have served on the planning committee for the American College of Radiology’s inaugural Medical Student Symposium.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are also important to me. Our patients come from different backgrounds. Our role as physicians is to ensure they have equal access to care. As radiologists, we are in a unique position to both diagnose and provide minimally invasive treatments for diseases that historical required extensive surgery. With advancements in technology, our impact spans beyond our home institutions.

Medicine isn’t only about pathology and biological systems, but also the systems that exist outside of the human body. All of them play a crucial role."

Jolie Jean, M21, will be completing her surgical preliminary year at Stamford Hospital / Columbia University Program, followed by her diagnostic radiology residency at Weill Cornell Medicine / New York Presbyterian.

#OurTufts is a series of personal stories shared by members of the Tufts community.