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Tufts University School of Medicine

Meet Devan Magalski

Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 10:00am

Headshot image of Devan Magalski

Our MBS students all have a story to tell and goals they want to achieve. At Tufts, we are dedicated to their success. Learn more about the MBS program—hear from a current MBS student, Devan Magalski, MBS '22.

Why did you choose to pursue an MBS degree at Tufts?

"After applying to medical school and not being accepted, I began looking at my application for possible red flags. While my undergraduate GPA was average, the coursework spanned a ten-year period, including time I took off to serve in the Air Force. Due to this long timespan, my GPA did not reflect my current capabilities, and I felt that doing a program like MBS would help solidify to medical schools that I am prepared and capable to complete their curriculum."

What has your experience in the program been like so far?

"My experience in the program has been great! While our first year was very unique due to COVID-19, the faculty and other students have gone above and beyond to keep everyone as connected and involved as possible. It is exciting to now be on campus as a proctor and mentor and to be able to meet the first years and many of my own classmates face to face."

What is your favorite aspect of the MBS program at Tufts?

"My favorite aspect has hands-down been the faculty, and more specifically, the MBS program team. I have been a student at several universities during my academic career and nothing can compare to the responsiveness and involvement of this team. Their welcoming attitude was a deciding factor in choosing this specific program over others and that decision has been reaffirmed daily."

What has your proudest achievement been so far in the program?

"Honestly, completing those two semesters of courses back-to-back feels like a great achievement. I can honestly say I worked both harder and smarter during that coursework than most of my undergraduate work combined. While very difficult at times, the shared experience and collaboration with the other students made it memorable and something I am very proud of finishing."

How are you involved on campus activities?

"I joined the Anti-racism Gender Inclusion Curriculum Audit team. When I first heard that the audit team was being assembled, I felt strongly about being a part of the changes that would be made to the curriculum. A large part of my undergraduate education focused on health disparities and health literacy, and I knew this would be a great platform to take that knowledge and apply it for tangible results. As team members, we each brought a unique perspective and background to this project which led to results we are really proud of."

What are your future goals? How has your time at Tufts gotten you closer to achieving them?

"My future goals are to become a physician. My time at Tufts has prepared me for medical school more than I could have expected not only through the rigorous curriculum but by setting a high standard for a fantastic and supportive program."